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Picnic perfect this summer

26 Jun 2019

Picnic Perfect This Summer

One of the best things about picnics is you’re taking your tribe out to eat in the great outdoors! This summer enjoy tasty nibbles and cool summer drinks in the long grass, on a fine, sunny day! Once you are prepped and packed up properly for your venture it could be the highlight of your summer days! Although getting it right can be tricky, we’re here with a quick checklist to make sure it’s easier to enjoy your fresh food and cook beverages in a picturesque, peaceful setting!

Picnic Blanket

Unless your destination has picnic tables, packing a fold up picnic blanket is a wise move so you can sit back and relax in the wilderness. Make sure the blanket has a waterproof side, as dew can leave the grass damp and you don’t want to be getting a cold from a damp bottom now do you?!

The Bare Necessities 

Plates, glasses, cutlery/utensils and napkins! Of course you can eat things straight out if jars and tubs but realistically when you’re going to the effort of creating a summer memory you would want to make it a little more special by packing in some disposable utensils or if you’re going 5 star pack some china and wine glasses but make sure to pack them safely wrapped up in newspaper!!! If you are going are planning on making your perfect picnic on-location (as opposed to a packed picnic) you’ll want a cutting board and knife for cheese, charcuterie, fruit, vegetables, or bread. A fresh approach for sandwiches is to prepare them on site.

Ice Ice Baby

Freeze your liquids before you go and as the day moves on you will be left with lovely cold, refreshing drinks as you sit down to enjoy your picnic. Bonus points for keeping your back cool as you walk to your set down point on those hot summer days.

Trash Talk

You enjoy the outdoors, but leaving your trash behind is a bad idea. However, in addition to the bags, you’ll bring for your trash, you may also want to pack a few plastic bags to bring home the dirty dishes and glasses to keep your lovely picnic basket from getting soiled.

Stay Fresh

Stay fresh by packing paper towels or wipes to clean the picnic table if you’re using one, or your hands before and after you eat.

Make sure you double check to make sure that everything is sealed tightly, caps screwed on fully, safely packed and stored in cool boxes if needs be. Nothing worse than getting a bad tummy from spoiled food.

Here are some gorgeous picnic perfect recipes from The Complete natural for you to enjoy on your next adventure.

Cheesy Gougere Platter with Charcuterie

This is a great snack option to satisfy a multitude of taste buds as you can add a variety of cheeses, ham and fruit to the Platter, leaving everyone happy! Easy to pack up into a lunch box and plastic plates at the ready, everyone can create their own mini selection for the variety on offer.

Seriously Cheesy Breakfast Tacos

Early morning hike? Keep yourself fuelled the whole way home by going extra heavy on the cheese for ultimate indulgence.

Cheddar & Thyme Scones

Move over bread rolls. These savoury Scones serve as the perfect addition to a flask of homemade veggie soup. Spread on some soft cheese and a slice of smoked salmon for the ultimate nutritious pit stop.

The Berry Boost Smoothie Recipe

Get in a dose of vitamins with our ultimate energy boosting Smoothie recipe. Freeze the Smoothie before you head out and by the time you sit down to enjoy it, it will have melted and be the ultimate refreshing drink on your active endeavors!

Berry Boost Smoothie
Recipe for berry smoothie

See more great picnic friendly recipes in Now You’re Cooking! Tag us in your perfect picnic snaps on Instagram @thecompletenatural #loveirishdairy