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Macroom Oatmeal – Currabinny X The Complete Natural

14 Dec 2017

Macroom Oatmeal Currabinny X Complete Natural


Milk is the mother of all dairy products, the original, the ingredient from which all the other dairy products are made from. It is also the most diverse, adaptable and has the most practical uses. With meadows full of nutrient rich grass, clovers and cowslips, the milk produced from Irish dairy cows gives it the distinctive, creamy quality. Indeed, whenever us Irish go abroad, weather it be for just a short break or a longer trip, we often miss the taste of Irish milk.  

There has been a history of milk production in Ireland since ancient times where, much like today, the focus was on preserving it in the form of butters and cheeses as well as the raw milk with the fat skimmed off often being used for drinking.

In this recipe, we wanted to choose as simple and comforting a recipe as we could think of to show off the creamy taste of our Irish milk.

Macroom Oatmeal With Milk & Salt

I use Macroom Oatmeal, it is made in Walton Mills which is Ireland’s last surviving stone mill.  It is wonderful on its own with a pinch of salt or with some fruit and honey. 

Use whatever fruit is good, ripe and in season, homemade jam in the winter is perfect.



  • 1 teacup of water
  • 1 1/2 teacups of milk
  • A good pinch of seasalt
  • 1/2 teacup of macroom oatmeal 



  • This recipe should serve two people using a standard teacup to measure.
  • Heat all the ingredients in a pot over a medium heat, stirring continuously. The oats will absorb the liquid very fast so be careful not to let it stick to the bottom.
  • After about five or six minutes when the Oatmeal has softened and is at the consistency of porridge then transfer into a bowl and sprinkle with a little bit of soft brown sugar if desired.