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10 of the best places to try ice cream in Ireland right now

27 Jun 2018

Ice Cream Ireland

Nothing screams summer like ice-cream. Ok, mayyyyybe Love Island, but when we dream of these hot months it’s a we go all gooey when we think of a 99, not who’s coupling with who. With all this talk, here are 10 must-visit places to go for an ice cream in Ireland this summer. Hand us a spoon… PRONTO!

1. Scoop, Ranelagh, Dublin

Trying to find a restaurant in Ranelagh is like trying to locate somewhere on South William Street to get your nails done – not very difficult. But there’s only  one go-to ice-cream parlour and that’s Scoop. Not convinced yet? Let’s just say not only do they have flavours galore to choose from, they’ve made one of our favourite bars made into an ice-cream too. If you leave without trying their ‘Snickers’ creation you deserve a medal.

2. Whipped, Various Locations in Dublin

The place where ice-cream dreams come to life. We’re talking ice-creams floating on a cloud filled with sparkles. SO. MANY. SPARKLES.

3. Storm in a Teacup, Skerries

Quite possibly the cutest ice-cream parlours EVER. They don’t just do colourful ice-creams – the décor matches! It may take a bit of queuing but it won’t be long before you’re in an ice-cream induced haze of delight.

4. Izmoo, Drogheda

Absolutely moovalous (sorry, not sorry) ice-cream can be found in the town of Drogheda. Wander your way up through St. Laurence’s Gate and reward yourself with an Izmoo. We know, you know, you’re worth it.

5. Casanova Gelato, Cork

You’ll find a little piece of Italian heaven in Cork at Casanova Gelato – the city’s first artisan ice-cream shop. Made fresh every day using organic Irish milk, one taste of their gelato will have you channelling those Italian vibes in no time at all. Mama Mia! Get those oversized sunnies at the ready!

6. Mammy Johnston, Strandhill

Located right beside the STUNNING beach in Strandhill in Sligo, it wouldn’t be right to head out for a walk without an ice-cream from Mammy Johnston as well. Don’t say we don’t look out for you.

7. Gino’s Gelatos, Various Locations Nationwide

Creamy, dreamy ice-cream is what you’ll find at Gino’s. Pistachio, Oreo or even bubblegum – their creations are all kinds of wonderful.

8. Tickety Moo, Fermanagh

At Tickety Moo where you’ll find such delights as peach melba, peanut butter and the DIVINE banoffee pie. And yes – it is just tickety-boo there (couldn’t help it).

9. Gelato Di Natura, Dublin

These guys have taken the standard ice-cream cone and brought it to the next level. We’re taking bubble waffle cones filled with delicious Italian ice-cream… YESSSS! One scoop is just not enough, that’s all we’re saying.

10. Murphy’s Ice-Cream, Various Locations Nationwide

Known for their innovative creations (brown bread ice-cream anyone?), Murphy’s are at the forefront of the ice-cream game, or should we say top of the cone!

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