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4 Healthy Snacks For Kids

29 Apr 2019

Healthy Snacks For Kids

If there’s one thing for sure about kids it’s that they like to snack. Parents the world over are used to a constant stream of food requests throughout the day. If it’s not in the morning, it’s in the afternoon. If it’s not at lunchtime, it’s just before they go to bed! But hey… can we blame them? They’re growing!

There’s one thing we need to make sure of though, and that’s giving our kids healthy snacks. Thanks to milk’s vitamins and nutrients, including dairy in your children’s’ elevenses (or supper!) and they’ll thank you for it. Not only will you be giving them something tasty to graze on… you’ll be giving them something nourishing also!

If you’re looking for inspiration for some healthy snacks for kids packed with dairy goodness, here are four suggestions…

1. Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies - a healthy snack for kids

Parents of the world have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to blenders. Rustle up a few strawberries and bananas, put them into a blender with some milk or natural yoghurt and within minutes your kids have a cool, fresh, tasty and, most importantly, healthy snack! They’ll also benefit from the vitamins in the fruit as well as those in milk. Win Win!

2. Diced cheese

Whether it’s a piece of red cheddar or a chunk of Edam, cheese never fails to keep hunger at bay. Chop it into bite-sized portions before popping some toothpicks into them and your kids will be treating themselves to all the nourishment cheese has to offer as a snack throughout the day.

3. Ice cream

nat ice cream

Yes, you have read that right – ice cream! But not just any old ice cream… we’re talking an ice cream that is low in sugar, has two servings of vegetables, 1.5 servings of fruit and is high in protein. What is this healthy ice cream we speak of? It’s our Homemade Protein Ice Cream! You can thank us later.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt, berries and honey

When it comes to feeding kids, you need to be versatile. Yogurt, ladies and gentlemen, is versatile! Your kids can eat it on its own, add it to some granola if they fancy some cereal for supper, or top it with some fruit and honey to make it even more delicious!

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