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7 photos of frozen yogurt that make us want one right now

28 Aug 2018

7 photos of frozen yogurt that make us want one right now

Just like Love Island’s Dani and Jack, frozen yogurt and long evenings (remember, the clocks don’t go back until October) are a perfect match. Not only is it delicious (the yogurt, not Jani), it’s nutritious also. Score!

1. The Froyo Cruffin, Mooch, Greystones (Photo credit: @moochfroyo00)

How do you make frozen yogurt even more delicious? Add a cruffin! Be still our beating hearts…

2. Strawberries and frozen yogurt, Hunky Moos, Galway (Photo credit: @rueying)

NEWS FLASH! Strawberries and frozen yogurt is just as satisfying as strawberries and ice cream.

3. Sweets on your Yogi Frozen Yogurt? Yes! (Photo credit: @yogifroyo)

If you happen to stumble upon Yogi Frozen Yogurt around Ireland (you’ll find them at markets, in supermarkets and other places), do yourself a favour and top your bowl with some gummy bears. Yum!

4. Sweets and cookies on your Mooch Frozen Yogurt? Absolutely! (Photo credit: @tomasjatuzis)

This snap from Mooch Frozen Yogurt on Dublin’s Dawson Street is all kinds of wonderful.


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5. This chocolate delight in Póg, Dublin (Photo credit: @pogdublin)

It takes practice to perfect your póg, but these guys have it down to a T. We wouldn’t say no to this reaching our lips.

6. Peanut butter cups and frozen yogurt in Hunky Moos, Galway (Photo credit: @floralesque)

Peanut butter and frozen yogurt FTW!

7. Chocolate, strawberries and frozen yogurt in Mooch on Dawson Street? It’s a match made in heaven. (Photo credit: @clodaghallen)

End goal… frozen yogurt. You’ve put the effort in, time to treat yo’ self.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking you’d now like to try cooking with yogurt, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve got lots of suggestions.

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