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Eating Out In Dublin – 11 Dishes With Dairy Goodness

21 Aug 2018

Eating Out In Dublin

As big a cliché as it sounds, variety is in fact the spice of life. It’s true. When it comes to eating out in Dublin, it really is true – did you know you can enjoy Cocopops French Toast for brunch at the weekend? We know! There are even more dishes packed with dairy goodness that are just as tempting. Let us divulge…

1. Melted cheese toastie in Meltdown

This brand new popup specialises in one thing – melted cheese madness. We’re so there!


2. Chocolate soup in Rustic Stone

You’re probably thinking this might not be good for you, but we can assure you it is. Thanks to the hazelnuts, this is a superfood chocolate soup! This makes it ok to eat on any day of the week and at any time.

3. Margherita pizza in Coke Lane Pizza

Any pizza joint that makes a Margherita look this damn good deserves a visit.

4. Snickers gelato Scoop Ranelagh

They make their gelato fresh every day, they’ve got milkshakes and Sundaes that will bring a tear to your eye, and they serve this bad boy – Snickers Gelato.

5. Chicken and cheese burger in Mad Egg

If chicken and cheese are your thing, you might want to pencil in a visit to this new spot in between Harcourt Street and Camden Street.

Sweet Cheezus!! #heartbreaker

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6. Chocolate Doughnut in Offbeat Donut Co.

Boston Creme, Nutella Ring, Cookies and Crème, Creamy Filled Red Velvet… Offbeat Donut Co. does it all.

7. Cheese Fondue in Edelweisse

Treat yourself to a cheese fondue in Ranelagh (or chocolate, for that matter) and not only will you be on cloud 9 for an hour – you’ll be enjoying a bit of culture too. It’s a Swiss dish, don’t you know!

8. Mac n Cheese in Klaw

To be more specific, Lobster Mac N Cheese – the perfect blend of tastes from the sea and the land.

9. Chocolate and salted caramel brownies in Queen of Tarts

Come for brunch to enjoy one of their summer tarts, stay for a coffee and round off the visit with one of their delightful brownies.

10. Granola Sundae in Elephant and Castle

You know how they say the early bird catches the worm? In this instance, it’s a delicious take on a traditional sundae you’ll catch if you drop into this landmark restaurant in Temple Bar as you’ll only find it on the menu until 11.30am. Worth getting up for.

11. Coco Pops on French Toast in San Lorenzo’s

Ok, we’re sorry. Sorry for introducing you to this dream of a dish in this popular spot on George’s Street in the centre of town. But honestly… how can you not be immediately penciling in a brunch date for San Lorenzo’s right now??

Do you know what else Dublin is great for? Coffee. It’s also full of healthy places to eat. There are also lots of brunch spots in Dublin too.

Want to look at some photos oozing with dairy goodness after all this reading? Pop on over to Instagram. You can thank us later.