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5 ways dairy is great for the warmer months

10 Aug 2018

5 Ways Dairy Is Great For The Warmer Months

The last few months have been UNREAL, with temperatures giving good ol’ Spain a run for its money. Higher temperatures mean, among other things, we’re looking for lots of ways to keep cool. Lots of them! Here are five delicious dairy go-tos that will help you keep your cool.

1. Milkshakes

Milkshakes… the nectar of the gods. Cold, frothy, milky goodness in a glass. Add some cookie crumbles or sprinkles and we’re yours for life.

2. Ice-cream

Is it even an Irish summer if you haven’t had an ice-cream? Usually, we’re huddled under a blanket eating one in the rain but this year, oh no, this year, we’ve been channeling all the Mediterranean vibes and enjoying them in the sun. We don’t know ourselves!

3. Smoothies

In need of a quick thirst quencher? It’s what smoothies were made for. Not only are they delicious but they’re also a great way of getting lots of essential vitamins into you. Berry Blast anyone?

4. Cheese

Next up? Cheese. Can you ever have enough of it? The short answer is ‘no’. It just makes everything better, especially during these warmer months. Nothing quite beats enjoying a cheese board al fresco. End of!

5. Milk

Milk… need we say more? Well, ok if you insist. One ingredient, no added sugar and lots of protein per average glass makes milk the perfect drink for cooling down on these warmer days.

Fancy some inspiration? We’ve lots of recipes, like this homemade protein ice-cream and this Mexican Smokey Chicken and Pepper Stew.

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