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5 healthy dishes in Dublin to enjoy this summer

15 Jun 2018

5 healthy dishes in Dublin to enjoy this summer

Given the number of restaurants in the capital, it should come as no surprise that there are lots of healthy places to eat in Dublin. Is it safe to say healthy eating is a food trend in the city? We think so. We definitely think so! If you like choice as much as we do, scroll on down to see five dishes to enjoy without feeling guilty…

1. Hey Pesto! Salad, Sprout and Co.

‘Seasonal’ and ‘fresh’ – these are two words we love to see on any menu. Brothers Jack and Theo, founders of Sprout and Co, have perfected the art of creating fill-to-brim salads boasting both qualities. Take their new ’Hey Pesto!’ salad for instance – quinoa, baby gem and rocket plus lots more in a bowl topped with freshly grated Parmesan make us think of many words. ‘Want’ is definitely one of them.

2. Fiesta Salad, Freshii

If we’re really honest, they had us at the word fiesta. The word conjures up images of summer the same way one look at this salad makes us want one. Aged cheddar tops a bowl full of field greens, avocado black beans and lots of other niceties.

3. Torched Oysters and Cheese, Klaw

Did you know one oyster is a source of lots – and we mean LOTS – of nutrients. (Deep breath) Zinc, iron, protein, calcium plus vitamins A, E, C and B12 means one oyster delivers much more than just flavour. It’s got a very rare vitamin called selenium too. Top these with some torched cheese and you’ve got yourself one of the tastiest, beneficial dishes in Dublin.

That's it from our @gastrogays takeover! But before we go – one of our best tips for a​ new restaurant you must check out in #Dublin is @klawcafe. Chef @niallsabongi runs an incredibly popular group of seafood restaurants (Klaw in Temple Bar; Klaw Poké on Capel Street) and is passionate about getting people to eat more seafood – especially an island nation with an abundance of incredible seafood like Ireland. If you're looking for the sweetest taste of the sea, go see Niall and his team at the newly-opened restaurant on Fownes Street and definitely order these dressed and torched oysters! ​Thanks so much for following along on our takeover today, you can find us @Gastrogays here on Instagram​ and on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as 'GastroGays' too!

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4. Dubliner Caesar Salad, Chopped

Chopped was something of a revelation when it first opened its doors on Baggot Street in May 2012. What they offered was simple – clean food, fast. Some of the salads on their menu are still on it today which includes their Dubliner Caesar – your choice of greens, lemon garlic chicken, topped with Dubliner cheese. Dive into one and those of you who really love your city get to be patriotic at the same time.

5. Greek Salad, KC Peaches

Ok – so the sunny climes of Dublin Town might not compete with those of the Greek Islands, but that’s not to say we can’t dream we’re there when we’re not. One dish that will bring us that little bit closer to a café on Corfu is this salad from KC Peaches. Wholesome goodness!