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Our 5 Favourite Couples in Histdairy

14 Feb 2018

Our 5 Favourite Couples in Histdairy

Here we round-up five of the most loved duos of all time, not from literature, Hollywood or today’s headlines – these famous couples prove that two foods are better than one when it comes to altering the course of histdairy…

Buttery Mashed Potato

What would this list be without one of the best power couples to ever grace our kitchen tables, smooth mashed potato, with Irish butter folded through. A couple so perfect it would put BOD and Amy Huberman to shame.

Pic: @basically

Oozing Cheese Toastie

Think for a moment about our next couple, grated Irish cheddar cheese between two slices of fresh bread. So simple and tasty. Now imagine it was toasted… Magic.

Sure isn’t a grilled cheese just perfect for this weather, ya know?

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Pic: @thefatfoxcamden

Dreamy Milky Coffee

A lot like love, a beautiful cappuccino or latte gives us a warm, and magical feeling. Irish milk and coffee is comfort in a cup, and is a couple that will go the distance.

Pic: @collym

Creamy Apple Crumble

Warm or cold, homemade apple crumble with fresh Irish cream is 100% our type on paper. We hope this couple had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, we owe you a great deal of happiness.

Tweet: @DonalSkehan

Crunchy Granola and Yogurt Pot

Call the press! The scientific notion opposites attract has FINALLY been proved. Step forward couple number five, smooth Irish yogurt layered with crunchy granola.

Pic: @fulfil_nutrition