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3 Reasons We Are Excited For Wellfest 2018

04 May 2018

3 Reasons We Are Excited For Wellfest 2018

WellFest is THE wellness event of the year in Ireland it returns 12-13 May 2018 in Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin. This event combines world-class professionals and brands in fitness, mental health and healthy food. According to WellFest themelves; ‘WellFest is a place to be inspired, try something new and most importantly, have fun.’

Why are WE so excited for WellFest? BECAUSE WE ARE GOING!! Can we get a whoop whoop?! (Please don’t give us a whoop whoop the excitement got the better of us and we regret saying that).

Anyway, WellFest is the first stop on The Complete Natural Recovery Tour. Why is The Complete Natural going on ‘The Recovery Tour’? Two reasons;

  1. Effective recovery from an intense exercise session is essential to perform at your best. Milk is a great choice post-exercise. Remember the 3Rs: Refuel energy, Repair muscles and Rehydrate.
  2. Going on tour is cool. Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé do it.

Ok so, back to the point. Maybe you are going to WellFest already or perhaps you are still considering going, either way we thought it would be fun to round-up the reasons we are excited about WellFest 2018.

  1. The Food

The WellFood area is dedicated to wholesome food and live cooking demonstrations, which should be a bit of craic. We are rocking up with The Complete Natural Dairy Bar, serving Recovery Fuel to festival goers! The Berry Boost and The Re-Pear smoothies are all made with fresh Irish milk, yogurt and fruit and are packed with goodness. So y’all can Refuel energy, Repair muscles and Rehydrate throughout the weekend..

Irish Dairy Irish Berry Blast Smoothie

  1. The Talks

This year’s line-up is incredible, we are BUZZED to train, listen and learn from the top names in wellness. The Complete Natural hosting a panel discussion on ‘The Best Balance: Fitness, Nutrition & Health’. Hosted by Will Matthews, this panel discussion will also hear from Dietitian Orla Walsh and The Complete Natural Ambassadors Nathalie Lennon, Aoife Hannon.

Don’t miss us in the WellTalk area from 11.35 – 12.15.


  1. The People

The nature of WellFest attracts inspiring, fun and motivational presenters but it also attracts fun, energetic and inspiring people as festival goers. The atmosphere is like no other when there is huge crowds of people having fun, learning, exercising from regular gym goers to those at the start of their fitness journey. It is the people that you meet at WellFest, that made us determined to kick off the Recovery Tour there. Find us at Stand no.47!

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