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Are Irish dairy farmers trying to reduce their carbon footprint?

Ireland’s agri-food industry and Irish farmers are committed and proactively working to lower their carbon footprint.

With one of the lowest carbon footprints internationally, Irish dairy production systems have been found to be extremely efficient. This is due to its grass-based production system.

With increasing focus on sustainability and on farm efficiencies, many farmers are focusing on grassland management in an effort to extend the grazing season on their farm. It is estimated that for every 10-day increase in grazing season there is a 1.7% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Ireland is working towards more sustainable food production by carbon footprinting every farm. Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme is focused on increasing the efficiencies and reducing the impact of the food production systems in place in Ireland. This provides a structure to monitor, measure and focus efforts to deliver real improvements.

As a result, Irish data now shows a 10% reduction in the carbon footprint per kg of milk, with efforts continuing to improve.

The Carbon Navigator is a farm management tool, produced by Bord Bia and Teagasc and is used by farmers to evaluate their current performance in areas of environmental impact against specific targets. It estimates the percentage reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that will result from various farming practices, continuously helping farmers to identify where further improvements can be made.