Real Talk about:

The Science of Dairy

Lots of people love Irish Dairy for its delicious tasty goodness. But how can Irish Dairy love you back? The answer is simple: it’s Chemistry!

Irish Dairy is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, each of which contribute to normal body functions. There’s Calcium for them bones of course. But there’s a whole lot more going on from ‘A to Zinc’!

Here are just a few examples: Vitamin A contributes to normal vision; B vitamins contribute to normal energy metabolism; calcium is needed for the maintenance of healthy bones; iodine contributes to normal cognitive function; protein contributes to muscle growth; and zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails.

But that’s not all, dairy foods also make an important contribution to nutrient intakes in the Irish population, providing 44% of our iodine, 39% of our calcium, 37% of our vitamin A, 35% of our vitamin B12 and more! This is why dairy is included in the Department of Health’s guidelines for healthy eating, with three servings from the ‘milk, yogurt and cheese’ food group recommended each day, as part of a balanced diet.

Our latest campaign is a fun reminder of just how much Irish Dairy has to offer, and the benefits you can lovingly enjoy every day as part of a balanced diet.