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fact or fad?

As consumers, we’re insatiable when it comes to dietary fashions and trends. How we love a flash in the pan! ‘Eat this’. ‘Avoid that’. ‘Top models swear by…’. So, do YOU know what’s really true about dairy, and what’s not?

dairy the facts

To make it easy, we’ve gathered the data and crunched the numbers for you. So, at a glance, you’ll see exactly what’s what with milk, yoghurt and cheese.
It’s a fact! So natural. All in one handy place.
1. Dairy is fattening
2. With allergies, don't take chances, ask the experts.
3. Intake of some lactose is advised to help promote tolerance
4. Dairy can cause acne
5. Most cases of eczema are linked to Dairy
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?